AC Tech 2023

2 ROB-YFDATAKIT • Wirelessly gather vehicle year, make and model information from vehicle being serviced • W/COMBO R1234YF Vehicle A/C Capacities Database • W/COMBO Bluetooth Temperature Probe 2 pack • For AC1234-9 only MAXIMIZE YOUR MACHINE’S POTENTIAL WITH THIS MUST HAVE DATA KIT: ROB-YFDATAKIT (INCLUDES ACS-250, 34002, 80212) ROB-ACS-250 Wireless OBD II VCI ROB-34002 R1234YF Vehicle A/C Capacities Database ROB-80212 80212 Bluetooth Temperature Probe - 2 pack New connected 1234YF ACS Machine AC1234-9 for R-1234yf systems TURN YOUR AC MACHINE INTO AN OBDII GENERIC SCAN TOOL, READ AND CLEAR CODES, HAVE VEHICLE AC SPECS SENT RIGHT INTO THE AC CART, CAPTURE TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCES WITH THE DUAL BLUETOOTH TEMP PROBES, A MUST HAVE ADD ON KIT TO “MAXIMIXE YOUR AC CART’S POTENTIAL“ 80 MILLION VEHICLES ON THE ROAD HAVE R1234YF! GET THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT TO EARN YOUR SHARE!! 15 MILLION VEHICLES WITH R1234YF COME OFF WARRANTY EACH YEAR! Meets or exceeds SAE J2843 standards for R-1234yf recovery Integrated refrigerant analyzer protects machine and vehicle system Machines Feature: Industry-leading 10.5” hi-res touch screen with easy-to-use controls Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless accessories and performance enhancements Built-in training videos and speaker with web access for more training and A/C service info Google Cloud Print™ with a report export option for customers or insurance companies Includes wireless software updates and refrigerant capacity database access* AC1234-9 Connected R-1234yf RRR machine Must have add on accessories ROB-ACS-250 Wireless OBDII VCI ROB-34002 YF Data Base (For AC1234-9 Only) ROB-80212 Temp Probe 2 Pack ROB-17499 Cover ROB-18465 PAG Injector (Required To Service) ROB-18470 POE Injector (Required To Service) ROB-LD7 Leak Detector (Required By Law When Servicing YF1234) *Annual purchase of refrigerant capacity database software card or PAC code required to download new capacity database ROBINAIR.COM 800.533.6127