Body Tech Q4 2021

120 PAINT FINISHING/DETAILING DUE TO TARIFF INCREASES, PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL SUPPLIER FOR MOST CURRENT PRICING. ULTRA BUFFING SYSTEM ULTRA 2-STEP SYSTEM PACE REFINISH SYSTEM GREAT FOR BOATS OR TOUGH JOBS Gel Coat Compound • VOC Compliant, water-based product that removes P800 or finer dual action sand scratches and P1000 or finer wet sand scratches • Quickly leaves a deep, high gloss finish without the use of waxes, silicones or fillers. Supercut Compound • Extremely aggressive compound designed to remove up to 600-grit sand scratches and oxidation from gel coats, marbleized surfaces and some paints • Cuts fast, finishes clean Spray 'N Shine, 22 oz. • Produces a showroom shine on cured and new paint • Makes pre-delivery cleanup fast and easy • Creates a breathable film Ultra 2 Step ® MaxCut™ Compound, Quart • A fast-cutting compound designed to remove P1500 and finer sand scratches • Super-hard diminishing abrasive engineered for the latest clear coat technologies • Water-based formula for quick and easy cleanup Ultra 2 Step Cutting Compound, Gallon • Presta’s fastest and most efficient cutting compound • Features water-based products that contain no waxes, fillers, or silicones • Used to remove 1200 grit and finer sand scratches from both new and aged paint PACE ™ Heavy Cut Compound PACE ™ Medium Cut Compound PACE ™ Ultimate Polish PACE ™ Protective Glaze • Aggressive enough to remove severe scratches • Finishes in one step • Dust-free application • Brilliant finish • Significantly increases depth of gloss • Applies easily; removes simply • Dust-free application • Extremely easy to use; capable of removing P2500 sand scratches • Finishes in one step • Dust-free application • Brilliant finish • Beautifies and protects freshly painted surfaces • Allows surfaces to fully cure without causing solvent pop • Can also be used to heighten gloss on non-repaired vehicle areas, making it ideal for pre-delivery prep • Significantly reduces buffing time • Designed for use on both new and aged clear coat paint surfaces • Creates a rich, deep gloss and a swirl-free finish in a single step Ultra 2 Step Finishing Polish, 32 fl. oz. Scuff Stuff ® Surface Prep, 6.6 lb. Tub • Ensures paint adhesion in blend and hard-to- reach areas • Removes waxes, sealers, road films, and soils from auto finishes • Does not cause scratch-swelling in blend areas Strata™ Ultra Cutting Crème, 3 kg. • Removes coarse through fine sand scratches on cured and fresh paint • Produces good gloss on all automotive coatings • Restores gloss to marine coatings and gel coats Strata™ Ultra Cutting Crème Light, 1-Gallon • Removes light sand scratches • Produces a high gloss shine • Contains no fillers, waxes or silicones Chroma™ 1500 Polish, 1-Gallon • Cleans/removes minor surface imperfections & oxidation • Leaves no hard-to-remove residue • Produces a smooth, high-gloss finish Chroma™ Swirl Remover, 32 fl. oz. • Removes swirls from fresh and cured paint surfaces • Clean, high-gloss finish that doesn't wash away • Contains no fillers, waxes, or silicones VOC Compliant Fast Wax™, Gallon • Provides brilliant, high-gloss shine • Adds paste wax protection with liquid wax ease • Contains premium natural and synthetic ingredients PST-139301 PST-133132 PST-133332 PST-133716 PST-133232 PST-130922 PST-139032 PST-134101 PST-131730 PST-131905 PST-133401 PST-133501 PST-133632 PST-139432 PST-138501 PST-134501 PST-131901 Strata™ Ultra Cutting Crème, Gallon PST-131932 Strata™ Ultra Cutting Crème, 32 fl. oz. PST-131732 Scuff Stuff ® Surface Prep, 32 fl. oz. PST-131732 Strata™ Ultra Cutting Crème Light, 1-Qt PST-133532 Chroma™ 1500 Ultra Polish, 32 fl. oz. PST-134132 VOC Compliant Fast Wax™, 32 fl. oz. PST-130901 Spray 'N Shine, 1-Gallon PST-139332 32 fl. oz.