Body Tech Q4 2021

130 MIXING ROOM DUE TO TARIFF INCREASES, PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL SUPPLIER FOR MOST CURRENT PRICING. SPRAY GUN CLEANING KITS PREP WIPES AUTOWRITERS Auto Writer Pens • Perfect for versatile applications • Dress up the windshield of your front line with sales messages • Use in the body shop department for marking repair needs • Doesn't damage the paint of the vehicle! Bottle Spray Gun Lube • Contains no silicone or petroleum distillates • Compatible with all paint materials 16 oz. Gun Cleaning Bottle Makes fluid passage cleaning simple Gun Wrench Sizes for use with most spray equipment Master Spray Gun Cleaning Kit Kit includes: • (1) Long handled angle brush • (1) Long handled straight fiber brush • (1) Medium sized fiber brush • (1) Medium sized wire brush • (5) Fine fiber brushes • (2) Hobby knife holders • (6) Fine points • (1) Plastic handled brush • (3) Detail brushes • (1) Bottle of cleaning solution DeWipe-Outs 11" x 17" 85% IPA / 15% DI Water Pre-saturated Prep Wipe - The Final Step before Painting* 12" x 13" Pre-Treatment Cut Thru Wipe- 1 Pouch • Prevents corrosion • Promotes adhesion Handy Spray /New Heavy Duty Unit Now with H.D. "VITON" seals - can use with most corrosive liquids Pump Sprayer Designed for use with wax and grease remover type products Premium Tack Cloth, 12-pk Extra large dry/high tack cotton cloths 24" x 36" with a non-toxic surgical grade bleached gauze. $10.99 $7.29 $36.49 $66.49 $41.89 ATD-6618 Spray Gun Cleaning Kit $8.39 Description Price EMM-9700 1000ML Gun Wash Bottle $9.54 EMM-9705 Pressurized Spray Bottle $42.60 EMM-9705CR Spray Bottle Color Code Rings $8.06 $23.90 DEV-SSL10 DEV-DPC8 DEV-WR103 ATD-6848 DEV-803045 RBL-5003 EMM-9705 USC-70305 RBL-3132NG BON-1419 DEV-803046 DeWipe-Outs 11" x 17" 50% IPA / 50% DI Water DEV-803657 DC-101 CLEAN Paint Prep Wipe GER-20001B Tack Cloth - Light Tack, Blue Cotton, Economy (20 x 12) Mesh Color Set of 12 Single Pens Assorted USC-37000 • Blue USC-37001 USC-37001-1 Pink USC-37002 USC-37002-1 Yellow USC-37003 USC-37003-1 White USC-37004 USC-37004-1 Green USC-37007 USC-37007-1 Red USC-37008 USC-37008-1