Body Tech Q3 2021

DESIGNED FOR BETTER PERFORMANCE, BETTER VALUE, AND IMPROVED EFFICIENCY 2 in 1 2K Headlight Clear • An all-in-one primer and clear protective coating for polycarbonate lenses. Designed to address minor scratches, yellowness, or foggy headlights. • Special product for restoration of headlights coated with clear lacquer. 2K High Speed Clear • Dries extremely fast and provides high chemical, gasoline, and weather resistance. • Ideal for high quality and long-term sealing of repair paint jobs and new finishes on cars, light trucks, and motorcycles Acid Resistant Sprayer • FPV sealing materials to withstand some of the harshest chemicals • Technical plastics & acid proof metal parts for maximum durability • Trigger safety clip to prevent accidental spraying • This sprayer can be used with products containing Hydrochloric, Hydrofluoric, and Sulfuric Acid. RS Matte Black Rust Paint Gallon • Apply directly over surface rust! Stop rust from spreading, seal out moisture and prevent further corrosion with UV resistant rust paint. Epoxy fortified for excellent adhesion and durability. No need to topcoat unless desired AGS-AOR-14 RS Matte Black Rust Paint Aerosol KnKut 29 Piece Mechanics Length Step Point Drill Bit Set • Great for hard steel, brass, sheet metal and acrylics • Split point step design starts on contact, self-centers and eliminates the need for a center punch • Sizes: 1/16 - 1/2 by 64ths Single Headlight Restoration Kit • Restores clarity up to 5X faster saving time and money • 30% Less sanding versus other restoration kits • Ultra-fast 3-4 minute cure in UV light or sunlight POCKET MATE® USB Red • Features bright white LED with high and low modes (High: 325 lumens; 76m beam; runs 20 minutes; Low: 45 lumens; 28m beam; runs 1 hour) • Lithium polymer battery charges in 4 hours • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens STL-73302 POCKET MATE® USB Blue STL-73303 POCKET MATE® USB Pink Chemdefender Small • Powder-Free Exam Grade Chloroprene • 5 Mil • Non-latex • Superior dexterity and durability • 12" length for added protection • Textured fingers for better grip • Single use only SAS-66592 Chemdefender Medium SAS-66593 Chemdefender Large SAS-66594 Chemdefender XL SAS-66595 Chemdefender XXL DV1S Micro Gravity Gun Kit • Provides maximum comfort and easy use from set-up through the entire spraying process • Improved transfer efficiency saving time, money, and repair costs per job • DV1-M1 Air Cap • 0.7M & 0.9M Fluid Nozzles • 125ml/4oz Acetyl Gravity Cup • 3-Piece Tool Kit DEV-704531 DV1S Micro Gravity Gun Kit DEV-704532 DV1S HVLP+ Gravity Gun Kit DEV-704533 DV1S HVLP Gravity Gun Kit Dolphin Speed Glaze • Up to 3 x faster curing (6-8 minutes at 68 F) • Solvent impervious • Excellent pinhole and scratch filling properties • Effortless sanding • Ultra-fine finish • Self-leveling ALL-IN-ONE PRIMER AND CLEAR FOR HEADLIGHT LENSES! FAST DRYING, HIGH GLOSS SPOT REPAIR CLEAR! PERFECT FOR ACID BASED WHEEL CLEANERS! Ready, Set, FAST! Billable Unit on RO! $32.60 $30.67 $78.99 $184.70 $16.49 $307.99 $30.00 $35.00 $19.99 $469.95 $26.63 SPM-3684068 SPM-3680069 FBS-50350 AGS-AOR-128 KNK-29KK10 FIB-502801 STL-73301 SAS-66591 UPL-UP0654