Body Tech Q4 2021

MEDIUM TO LARGE DENT REPAIR Prep-All® Wax & Grease Remover, Gallon • VOC exempt. • Completely removes road grime, wax and grease. • Saves time and materials. Wax and Grease Remover, Gallon • 100% Virgin Solvents • Removes wax, grease, tar, road film, and silicone • Safe on all surfaces 50100 Pump & Spray Expert-FKM 1L - Performance Compression Sprayer • (Wide range of compatible chemicals may be used with the sprayer, check chemical compatibility charts.) •Expert FKM sealing materials and PA technical plastics Quick Grip Body Filler, Gallon • Extra fast, easily sandable body filler adheres rapidly to galvanized steel, aluminum, E-coat and many more. Al-Grip Pro Body Filler Gallon • Sands to a very smooth feather-edge reducing the need for finishing putty 3M™ Stikit™ Blue Abrasive Sheet Roll, 2.75" x 20 yd, 80 Grade • Better cutting and long lasting abrasive sheet roll for paint removal and filler sanding • Stikit™ backing for quick and easy pad attachment 3M-36206 Blue Abrasive Disc Roll, 6", 180 Grade USC-080606 6" GOLD PRO Paperbacked Abrasive PSA Roll, P080 Dry Guide Coat 05861, 50 gr Cartridge and Applicator Kit A method for identifying surface imperfections such as pinholes and deep scratches in primer. Can be used for both wet and dry sanding. FPR-155-3 Pro Guide Coat-Black Platinum™ Plus Finishing Glaze, 30 oz. • Self-leveling formula is excellent for skim coating and offers good vertical hang • Easy sanding AL-Glaze Pro Glazing Putty, 30 oz. • Excellent flow and self-leveling requiring less sanding to a smooth surface Al-Glaze Pro Glazing Putty Pmp *Box*4 Spreaders 50/Box APPLY BODY FILLER: Mix according to instructions, apply smoothly within the feather edge area, and let dry completely. Mixing Board Each • Non-absorbing disposable mixing boards • Resist Bleeding to next sheet • Sheets remove easily • 100 sheets/board SAND BODY FILLER: Starting with P80 abrasive, block sand the repair to knock down excess filler. Use guide coat to detect high spots. Once filler is leveled out, switch to a DA and using P180 abrasive knock down the sand scratches and feather edge the repair. Clean with air and surface cleaner. APPLY GLAZE: mix according to instructions, apply smoothly within the feather edge area, and let dry completely. SAND GLAZE: Use a DA and P180 abrasive with guide coat to detect high spots. When repair is level and feather edged into the surrounding area, clean with air and surface cleaner. Inspect repair before applying primer. REPAIR PREP: Sand the damaged area and surrounding 2-4 inches with P80 abrasive, cleaning with air and surface cleaner. 2-3/4"x25 yds. psa 080 grit gold roll • GOLD PRO's multi-layer construction combines sharp, precise grains with ultra-durable backing and a specialized coating to consistently achieve the fast, uniform finish bodyshops want and customers demand. KLE-GSW362 FPR-6000-1 FBS-50100 MAR-33181 FPR-202-2 3M-36217 3M-5861 MAR-31180 FPR-216-2 FPR-9450 FPR-MB12 USC-087106