Body Tech Q4 2021

40 SHOP EQUIPMENT DUE TO TARIFF INCREASES, PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL SUPPLIER FOR MOST CURRENT PRICING. FLASHLIGHTS WORKLIGHTS Stinger Switchblade ® w/USB Cord • 5 lights in one: droplight, hands-free light, bright white light, UV light, Color-Rite Light. Double-sided light bar with cool white LEDs / Color-Rite 90 CRI LEDs and a UV LED • Cool white LEDs 800 lm; runs 3.75 hr / Color-Rite LEDs 600 lm; runs 3.75 hr / UV LED : 500 mW; runs 15 hr • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charges via USB source or existing Stinger charger. Folded length: 9.8” ; Extended length: 17” Strion Switchblade - w/ USB Cord - Red • 500 lumens of white light. Tail-end magnet, stowable hang hook, or stable foot • USB rechargeable or use an existing Strion charger • 6 inches folded. 11 inches Fully extended • Run time of 3 hrs with white LED. UV LED for leak detection and CRI LEDs for paint color matching Syclone - w/ USB - Box - Red The USB rechargeable Syclone work light is about the size of a sticky note and uniquely features both a white LED spot beam and a flood beam of CRI LEDs for color recognition of paint or wires. Use it anywhere you need a versatile hands free light - under the hood or carriage, standing on its base or using the hang hook or magnet. Rechargeable Neck Light, 300 Lumens • Allows you to work hands-free • 300 lumens, dimmable • Operate each light head independently • Rests comfortably around neck • USB-rechargeable with included cord • Water-Resistant IPX4-rated 800 Lm Rechargeable Slim Light W/ Quick-Swap System & Suction Cup Base No more down-time, with the 80SL system you simply swap out low batteries on the go with the included 18650 and 26650 size lithium cells or even your own protected cells Dual COB LED 800lm main light (up to 3.25hrs on high) features simple thumb wheel adjustment for output, also includes 150 lumen top flashlight Microstream ® USB Ultra-compact, Rechargeable Personal Light, Black • C4® LED 250 lumens (high). Durable, anodized aluminum • USB rechargeable Lithium ion battery; Runs 3.5 hours (low) • Everyday carry fits in the palm of your hand or in your pocket • Removable, multi-directional pocket/hat clip Stylus Pro ® USB UV Rechargeable Penlight with 120V AC, Adapter, USB Cord, and Nylon Holster • Removable pocket clip • O-ring sealed, sliding cover protects the micro USB charging port. IPX4 water-resistant,1 meter impact resistance tested Stylus Pro ® USB Rechargeable Penlight with 120V AC Adapter, USB Cord, and Nylon Holster, Black • 70 lumens; runs 3.5 hours • Removable pocket clip • O-ring sealed, sliding cover protects the micro USB Charging port • IPX4 water-resistant; 1-meter impact resistance tested Realtree Rech Necklight • 300 Lumens • 2 modes (white or red) • Dimmable • Rechargeable • Up to 9 hours of run time $98.99 $82.99 $67.99 $53.99 $117.99 $39.99 $80.99 $72.99 STL-76801 Switchblade®- 120V/100V AC Smart Charger $133.99 STL-74854 120V/100V AC Piggyback - Red $151.99 EZR-NK15-GR EZ Red Rechargeable Neck Light, Green $53.99 EZR-NK15-OR EZ Red Rechargeable Neck Light, Orange $53.99 STL-66602 Microstream® USB Ultra-compact - Red $39.99 STL-66603 USB Rechargeable, Bright Mini LED Flashlight $39.49 STL-66136 Stylus Pro® USB Rechargeable Penlight, Red $76.99 STL-66139 Stylus Pro® USB Rechargeable Penlight, Blue $75.99 $57.99 STL-76800 STL-74850 STL-61510 EZR-NK15 AST-80SLC STL-66601 STL-66148 STL-66133 EZR-RT357