Express Lane Q1 2021

KNT-8700100 KNIPEX Cobra® XS PRODUCTS CANNOT BE ORDERED THROUGH THIS CATALOG The information contained in this catalog is for information purposes only and should not be used by consumers to make final buying decisions. Information is subject to change at any time without notice. This catalog is to be used as general advertising material. Latest pricing, product information, and Prop 65 warnings are included at point of sale. PWP-PPPS50W AUL-BT608 AHN-IWAF1334 SUU-910MTAS SUU-909TAS ADV-Q1EXPLNE1 (Pack of 1) ADV-Q1EXPLNE30 (Pack of 30) Lot E PORTABLE AND RECHARGEABLE ULTIMATE BATTERY WIRELESS TESTER ACCESS OBSTRUCTED FASTENERS IMPACT RATED FASTENER BITS EASY ACESS IN NARROWSPACES Cordless Soldering Kit MaxiBAS BT608 Impact Fastener Dr 34 PC. Set 3/8 " Drive 10 PC. Metric Torque Adapter Set 3/8 " Drive 9 PC. SAE Torque Adapter Set See pages 2-10 for more new products See page 144 for more info See page 48 for more info See pages 2-10 for more new products See page 128 for more info