Heavy Duty Plus Q3 2022

DESIGNED FOR ROADSIDE SERVICE, FLEET MAINTENANCE, OFF ROAD SERVICE JULY 1 ST - SEPTEMBER 30 TH 2022 V2_CV_H ESC-40314GT AFF-565FJS IRC-W9691-K4E SUU-9722CW MKT-GAG03M1 $ 358 .99 $ 809 .99 $ 503 .99 $ 131 .99 THE #1 SHOP FOR ALL YOUR HEAVY DUTY TOOL & EQUIPMENT NEEDS ADV-Q3HEAVYDTY1 (Pack of 1) ADV-Q3HEAVYDTY30 (Pack of 30 40V MAX XGT¨ Brushless Cordless 4_1/2Ó / 5” Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Kit with Electric Brake HD Yoke Puller w/ Free GeckoGrip - Flexible Tray - Medium 22 Ton AIR/HYD Axle Jack w/FREE 22 Ton Pin Style Safety Stand 1" Extended Anvil IQV20 Impact Wrench Kit 1/2" Dr Jumbo SAE CrowFoot Wrench Set, 6Pc w/FREE 3/8" Dr SAE Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench Set, 8Pc FULLY POLISHED DROP FORGED ALLOY STEEL NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS IN PRICE OR DESCRIPTION NEW PRINTED IN CANADA #80103P FREE #6422P FREE #9708P FREE See page 82 for more info See page 141 for more info See page 10 for more info See page 7 for more info See page 85 for more info FASTER CUTTING SPEED 60%